InsulFast Insulation Fastening System


Fasten Insulation In One Step

The T3 InsulFast System is 4 times faster than the traditional stick pin installation method. It allows the installer to attach insulation in one simple step without the use of adhesives or cutting spindle insulation anchors anymore.



  • Saves days over the traditional insulation fastening method. Saves both time and labor costs.
  • Fasten the insulation directly to concrete, hollow block, and steel studs. No need to glue and stick pin insulation anchors anymore.
  • The fastening is consistent and clean looking.
  • The tool allows you to fasten the insulation in in tight spaces through pipes and sprinkler systems.
  • The T3FUEL can shoot more than 1000 shots before it needs to be replaced.
  • The system can be used year round: Unlike stick pins, you won’t be restricted by cold temperature or wet surfaces.
  • Lower operator fatigue.
  • Thermal bridging: 99.5% efficiency.
  • 1”-6” insulation pin capacity.
  • Automatic power adjustment.


Fasten Laminated Roxul Board onto concrete ceiling in parking garages with ease.

Fasten Extruded Polystyrene on to concrete foundation wall.

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