T3SS Gas Powered Tool


Ramset is serious when it comes to driving job speed by creating the T3SS—the single shot tool that will help move/contractors from powder to gas.

The T3SS provides the benefits of shooting a gas tool, including reduced installation time and operator fatigue for the contractor who normally shoots a muzzle loaded powder tool.

To make the T3SS the most versatile gas tool in the industry, Ramset uses the newly developed Cross Over technology that allows users to change out nosepieces to accommodate any fastening need. From metal-to-concrete, hard concrete or steel, pan deck, block and just about surface you can think of the T3SS works for you.

  • Sets the standard for single-shot applications
  • 5 times faster than traditional drill and anchor methods
  • Replaces the need for tools like the DX35


12HSMP034 clip assembly used to secure conduit

M034 fastener used to hang HVAC Duct Strap

MP034TH fastener used to attach a junction box

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